And So The Story Goes

A Modern Fairy Tale Novella

A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders and stories were spoken aloud; artists, buskers and bards filled the world with their creativity and their energy met with the Universe’s approval. The stories are still told, but as the world turned, the energy became fixed, as creativity moved from spoken art to written text. People began to forget the stories had hundreds of tellings and other cultural significances.
Four young women have Fate delivered to their door in a satin embossed envelope. When they learn their ties to beloved fairy tales, it gives them reasons to believe danger is imminent. It also casts them into the roles of heroines— and they’re not sure they can be. Not to mention, if they want to save their world they will have to figure how all the seemingly random pieces fit together.
They learn life is more than precise information, impulse, and action. Its realities are matters of feeling, in which thought is a mere guide to support the adventure. The women now find themselves in a mystery which has a life altering significance and little time to change it.

and so the story goes cover

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Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Author, professor, creator of worlds.




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