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Follow The Moon

Warriors Of Luna Series - Book 3

Follow the challenges that create the path. 

Follow the songs the heart dictates. 

Follow the Moon to where destiny is determined.

Kamaria DeKosse realizes her life can never be the same. So, she dedicates herself to becoming the best. Well, the best werewolf she can be. Kama thinks this means giving up everything she was, but can she separate who she was before, from who she is meant to be?
Jack returns from a life-changing Spirit Quest and the war his Pack was forced into. He realizes he need to adjust his relationships and his role of Alpha of Central Park.
As their lives intertwine once again, Kama and Jack have to discover the path to which destiny is leading them. They no longer have the luxury of pretending life will be easy. And when a new enemy surfaces and threatens the one Kama loves most, the battle lines are drawn.

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Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Author, professor, creator of worlds.




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