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The STEAM Series – Book 2

Siona Carter got the worst news of her life—a family reunion is taking place, in Michigan, and she is required to attend.  Her life as a R&D Astrophysicist in New York kept her life simple, calm and predictable. She hopes she can endure the three weeks of chaos amongst the crushing bosom of her family.
Mathias Jones is riding high on success of a renovation to his planetarium and is the host of Star Parties all summer long. He planned to spend his summer looking toward the heavens. That all changed the moment a beautiful stranger set up her scope, and he didn’t want to look anywhere else.
The two decided to date, knowing it was low risk and only for a few weeks.  Their perfect night at the Headlands Dark Sky Park is interrupted as Mathias’s secret is reveled. Now the question is what she will do with information that could rock her scientific world — if she can get Mathias to talk to her again.

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Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Author, professor, creator of worlds.




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